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Anime and the Human Paradigm

Our bodies are in a low energy state. We struggle to find meaning. We long for deeper connection. The recognition of pears. We yearn to journey into a fantasy world. To meet aliens. Time Travelers. Ghost. Can’t this world get a little more interesting?

Its mid winter. Haruhi is only wearing a tea shirt. But she is not cold. Her body is generating a massive amount of energy. It seems like she has nearly three times more than the others in the group. On the other hand Kozimui (in the middle) is freezing.

Haruhi is not only not cold, but she is having fun. She races ahead. What is it about her life style that allows her to generate this kind of energy?

Goku fights many battles on his own, but he only becomes a Super Saiyan God after gathering power with his friends.

In his battle Goku expresses sadness that he wasnt able to 'achieve this power on his own.' We see this theme of Pride play out many times in the anime series, Dragon Ball Z. By expressing this Goku lets his pride get in the way and his opponent Lord Bills gains the upper hand for a time.

Pride: Ive got to do it on my own. Ive got to suffer thought it. I am tough. I dont need help from anyone. This will make me stronger.

Vageta puts a serious amount of effort into everything he does. He struggles, grunts, and strains. But because of his pride, he always falls behind Goku.

When Vageta abandons his pride and teams up with Goku, they attain incredible power. Power that goes even further beyond what Goku can attain alone.

'Because they were rivals, it actually makes their fusion more complete.' Old Kai, a wise elder, remarks.

Haseo and Ovan spend a lot of time in the virtual reality, 'the World.' When he stops moving Haseos (on the right) natural posture is slightly hunched. He struggles to connect to others. His body is not receiving vital energy. He feels dissatisfied and searches for this satisfaction, moving from one thing to the next, and his own vital energy cant keep up with him. He is in a state of perpetual depletion.

Ovan has a bit of a confident older brother persona. Esoteric and intellectual. Ovan has better posture, but this is maintained with subtle conscious effort. On the surface Ovan seems to have a natural strength, but in realty his vital energy is only a bit stronger than Haseos. By creating an appearance of strength Ovan attracts healthy relationships into his life and thus gains some actual strength. But he may not fully be in touch with his inner power either.

Haseo will yearn for Ovans charisma. He may even mimic Ovans behavior. But he will only get mixed results. In realty even Ovan doesnt know what hes doing, he only seems to. This sets up a dangerous paradigm.

Kaname Chidori is a regular school girl with no military experience. However because she has a healthy life style, good friends, and is in touch with her instinctive body she is able to out wit and defeat a highly skilled combat specialist in their first encounter.

Chidoris instincts and fully functioning perception allow her to doge bullets on reflex. The specialist on the other hand has years of training, but her body simply can not keep up physically. Chidori herself cannot understand why she is winning. The combat specialist is a victim of abuse and is completely out of touch with her basic instincts.

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